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Reaching the balance between a life and a career is not easy. A demanding workload, together with family and personal interests, overwhelmed and can leave employees tired. A research on stress discovered that nearly half of the participants felt they needed help stress levels.

Current technology allows people to communicate with one another and access information at anytime and anywhere in the world. This 24-hour access provides flexibility for workers, but it can also confuse the lines between your private life and your job. Do you will need to respond to a message from your manager? When is it okay to keep the laptop away and spend some time with your family? People feel as though they are still in the office after reaching home, causing lower overall productivity and increased stress levels.

Let us first understand what 'work-life balance' actually means. Work-life balance is a theory including the correct prioritisation between work (career and ambition) and lifestyle (health, pleasure, leisure, family).

What are the advantages of striking a suitable work life balance?

Increased productivity: Stressed and overwhelmed employees get less work done; in actuality, a poll indicated that workers with a healthy work-life balance worked 20 percent greater than their stressed counterparts.

The very best corporate reputation: Companies known to promote a good balance between work and personal life have a better standing and can attract better talent.

Better time management: By being able to report to work certain hours of the day where employees are more productive, they will have the ability to maximise their performance and complete their tasks on time. This will give them time to start tasks that will need to be carried out in the week.

Companies nowadays want to do their best to assist their employees strike an ideal work-life balance by having various recreational activities, regulating working hours, setting up offices in strategic and employee friendly surroundings. One such instance being Mindspace by K Raheja Corp..

These properties are strategically located with easy access to public transport and airports. Mindspace has pioneered the concept of world-class business districts, which has revolutionised the commercial Real Estate Sector. They also have adopted the Green Building technology, which assists in the wellbeing of the people. Mindspace properties boast of lubhouses, restaurants, etc. which help in maintaining work-life balance.

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