Save Powerpoint As PDF

A PPT to PDF converter is a very handy service. All the time you'd have spent gathering data from a PPT presentation and then importing it into a clever fillable PDF can now be put to better use.

AltoPPTtoPDF is the optimal solution. If you have to work using a PDF doc containing information out of a PPT file, switching that PPT file to a PDF doc is easier than ever.

How It Works

1. Drag and drop your PPT file into the box above.

2. Press the Convert button.

3. Download your newly created PDF.

Upload no more than one PPT record at a time. Additionally, your document can't exceed 130 pages and its file size must be 25 MB or not. The service is free and does not require any specific software to be installed.

Modern businesses should do everything possible to make their document management workflow simple and efficient. Nonetheless, the procedure remains an arduous and hard task for many offices. There are many services that offer a paperless solution so as to avoid the chaos due to the presence of paper. AltoPPTtoPDF is a free cloud service which can allow you to digitize document management and cope with time-sensitive tasks faster than ever before.

Upload your PPT - Transform all your PPTs to PDFs without going through a listing of clicks. Drag and drop your doc in the box above. Just remove it to start over.

Change the Format Online - No specific software is necessary for PPT to PDF converting. Click the Convert button once the file you want to transform will be uploaded.

Absolutely Free - You can convert your PPT docs to PDFs absolutely free. The app doesn't need any applications to be purchased and installed prior to using it.

Encrypted files transfer - Rest assured that every one of the files you upload to AltoPPTtoPDF are highly secure. All documents have been deleted by the server once they've been converted.

OS compatibility - Major operating systems such as Windows, MacOS and Linux let you easily utilize our service for conversion. It works on almost any internet-connected device.

Converting documents in the cloud - All tools used for converting a PPT into some PDF exist in cloud storage. That means you might use the program anytime without sacrificing your device's storage space.