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Healthy and beautiful hair is the result of a proper diet. Our body receives nutrients only with foods. You need vitamins A, C, B and D, iron, zinc and fatty acids to restore the structure of your hair.

Harmful habits, hard water, a hair dryer, waving, hair Reduction, straightening makes the hair dry, weakened, which contributes to loss and dandruff. It's simple enough to follow the rules of hair care, but sometimes women are too lazy to observe them frequently.

Top 8 rules of hair care

Wash your hair only in soft water;

You do not need to rub your head very often, it Stimulates the sebaceous glands, they start working hard, making a new fat;

It's allowed to wash your hair frequently, just do it when necessary. But it's important to select the right shampoo, for instance, from Canadian Pharmacy. Physiological balance does not violate hydrophilic oils. If you constantly use them, they normalize the function of the sebaceous glands. Such a remedy is suitable for all types of hair;

You can not go to bed without eliminating hairspray. If you can't wash your mind, you want to comb it well, to get rid of spray. Hair with natural styling products won't suffer. We urge natural styling products, for example, a decoction of flaxseed seeds;

After washing, you do not need to keep your hair in The towel for quite a long time. This can be done only when the medicinal product is applied. Additionally, it may be a stimulant or oil mask. If the skin is oily and you keep your hair in a towel, then there might appear dandruff. Wet and warm environment is excellent for parasites which cause dandruff;

It is necessary to use balm, it closes the scales and gives the desired shine. Balms with organic ingredients will cure the hair;

If possible, dry your hair in a natural manner. And when Using drying devices, it is necessary to use protective agents for thermal styling;

To improve blood flow, you need a head massage once a week. Do massage before using oily masks.

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